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Why we made Go Journal

Why Go Journal?


I searched through a lot of these "types" of journals and I'm so glad I chose the Go Journal. I'm finishing up my first week and sticking to my scheduled plan. I love the variety of nightly questions, ribbon bookmarks, and daily quotes. I'm a productivity coach, so I'll be excited to share this new tool with clients and colleagues. And I'm saying this purely as a happy customer!

-Caitlin, Pittsburgh, PA


I've only had it now for a couple of days but already it has been a huge help! The questions at the beginning really get you to think about your most important goals and how to achieve them. It lets you plan out your actions for each week so your daily actions can stay congruent. At the end of each day and week there are short reviews so you can offer some self reflection/critique. 

-Kyle, Dallas, TX


I've only been using for a week but I already feel like my days are more productive – in a thoughtful and meaningful way, rather than just me cramming this onto my endless to do list. The Go Journal is helping me prioritize in a logical way and reflect on what works. The core idea is simple – 10 minutes of planning and reflect can make each of the hours of your day more productive. This is a tool helping me live that idea daily.

-Asad, San Francisco, CA

How it works

A quarterly roadmap for living your best life

šŸ£ Explore how you want to grow over the next 90 days

šŸŽÆ Narrow in on 3 intentions that move you

šŸ”„ Get specific and make a plan that will work for you

12 weekly resets for perspective

šŸ¤© Capture your favorite memories

šŸ¾ Learn from patterns in your behavior

āœ… Set your big goals for the next week

90 daily exercises for growth

šŸ“ Write your goals every morning

šŸŒˆ Reflect on gratitude and lessons learned every night

āœØ Your habits are your destiny